Understanding The Leaf Gutter Guard

Rain gutters should be free from leaves as well as other debris or water will be clogged at the downspouts and fill the gutters up. When this occurs, the weight can bend or dislodge your gutter and in most cases, the water might spill down your house, probably damaging doors, siding, windows and foundation. Leaf gutter guard can eliminate problems with blocked and overflowing gutters. This article will help you to understand more about gutter and gutter guard.

Cleaning gutters and gutter guardsYou should check and clean your downspouts and gutters at least thrice per year to ensure that they are not clogged with debris and leaves. If you hire a professional to clean you gutters, be ready to pay about $90 to $120 for a single story house, 2,500 square foot house and even more for a 2-story or bigger house. A popular solution for periodical gutter cleaning is to install gutter guard, leaf catching system, to your gutters.

Depending on the type of gutter guard you buy, your guard will have different levels of effectiveness. Some guards, like mesh gutter guard, are foolproof at blocking leaves and allow almost all the water to flow down the downspout. Other guards eliminate most but not all debris and leaves, so they need to be checked and cleaned regularly. Depending on the design, this can be a huge problem than cleaning gutters without guards, as it can be difficult to rem Man Cleaning Roof in Autumn ove guard. Some guards work well under broad leaf trees but less effective at eliminating small leaves or seeds. Other are perfect for low sloped roofs but spill a lot of water when installed on a metal roof or steeply pitched roof.

Types of gutter guards

Typically, there are five main kinds of gutter guards. They include:

Mesh gutter guards – These are metal sheets filled with small holes. They are installed to the roof gravels and cover the whole gutter.

Reverse curve gutter guards –These directs the water to pour downward while eliminating debris and leaves; they fall to the surface.

Bottle brush gutter guards – They are made of bristles which face upward inside your gutter. Leaves rests on the surface while the water pours down.

Nylon gutter guards – Nylon guards works better during the winter because of their unique design that prevents snow from freezing on your gutter.

Foam gutter guards – They are made of plastic which fits perfectly into the gutter, helping to block the leaves from going into your gutter.

Benefits of using gutter guards

• They can be installed to existing gutters

• They prevent rodents and birds from setting nests in the gutters

• They eliminate the hustles of cleaning the gutters regularly

• They prevent the build-up of water in the gutter which could overflow into the home or be a breeding surface for insects

• Gutters last longer because they don’t rust or rot prematurely from debris and moisture

• They allow better rain water harvesting technique as they filter out debris and improve the flow of water

• Gutter guard installation project is quite affordable when you compare to frequent cleaning of gutters by a professional