What are Gutter Guards made of?

What are Gutter Guards made of?

What are Gutter Guards made of? This isn’t a silly question. In fact, knowing  what your gutter guards are made of will help you choose the best gutter guard from your home.

The materials selected when choosing different gutter protection products are crucial to the performance and longevity of the system. When deciding on the right gutter guard system for your home all of this, along with your home’s environment must be considered.

What are gutter guards made of?

Gutter guard manufacturers have had to consider the question ‘what are Gutter Guards made of’ regularly in order to ensure that the system performs at peak longevity. The parts of your gutter guard system are outdoors, day and night, Summer through to Winter so they must be tough! If you are in an environment that experiences seasonally vast temperature changes the pressure on your gutter guard system is even larger.

Manufacturers must make Gutter Guard systems out of materials that are tough enough to withstand the elements such as heat, rain and other severe weather.

If materials aren’t strong enough, the gutter guards will melt or sag in the heat or become extremely brittle and crack at low temperatures.

Exposure to sunlight for long periods of time affect gutter guards significantly making it impossible to use most plastics.

Many gutter guards are made from metals like steel, aluminium and copper. Steel is usually galvanized so that it wont rust. Powder coated steel is also used in some cases.

Metal is usually stronger and longer-lasting than most plastics. They are normally not affected by exposure to weather and sunlight. They can, however, be dented by mistreatment or falling objects. Some systems are manufactured using polypropylene or PVC. Many of these products seem to perform satisfactorily.

A clever material that Gutter Guards are made of is polyether-polyurethane foam – used in gutter filters. Polyether-polyurethane is an open cell foam that allows water to flow freely through the foam and down the down-pipe. Debris that is caught on top of the foam eventually dries out and blows away- easy!

Some discount-type items, which are used in economy or low-cost products, are made of plastics that will not stand up well to extreem temperatures and sunlight exposure. They fade, lose color, and become stiff and brittle be mindful of these products. While you might not know the answer to ‘what are gutter guards made of?’ you will know when your gutter guards are made of cheap products!

If the question “what are Gutter Guards made of?’ still confuses you and you are looking for the strongest product for your home, please, contact us. 


Written by Heidi Cridland