Basic Facts About Gutter Guards…

We often talk about gutter guards and recommend that you have them installed but maybe you don’t know exactly what gutter guards are and why we believe they are so important in every home? Here are a few things that you need to know about gutter protection.

Essentially, gutter guards are a protection system for your gutters. They will often come in rolls of mesh that are designed to fit your gutters, regardless of your type or style of roof. These guards will stop leaves and debris from building up inside your gutters along with many other things. The Leaf Man gutter mesh guards are made from BlueScope steel Zinculume® steel base coils. Different companies may use different materials but we, at The Leaf Man, have invested time, money and expertise to ensure we have the most superior and strongest gutter guard on the market. The gutter mesh will either fit within the gutter itself or completely over the gutter allowing the debris to just fall right off. The leaf guards also come in a range of colours so you can coordinate them with your roof and not have to worry about ruining the look of your home. Using the right colour makes them invisible from the ground.

Gutter guards

Gutter guard installed on a tyle roof.

So why are gutter guards important?

There are a number of reasons why gutter guards are important. Firstly, is just like we have mentioned, they eliminate the build-up of leaves and debris which stops you from needing to climb onto your roof multiple times to get your clean gutters. Another benefit of having these gutter shields is that they extend the life of your gutter and downpipes. Did you even know your gutters had a life span? They do! Gutter guards will prevent water from become stagnate inside your gutters after getting stuck by debris and leaves because there won’t be any debris in them. When water becomes stagnate inside your gutters, they begin to rust. Gutter guards will help to eliminate this problem. If you live in bushfire prone areas, gutter guards can be a home life saver. They reduce the likelihood of your home catching fire as they get rid of the debris that can catch alight when embers swirl through the air. You’ll also find that having a gutter guard will help to seal your roof from pesky antter Pimals and rodents who can often get inside the roof and begin nesting. One last benefit of the gutter guard is particularly helpful if you store rainwater. The guards stop the muck and leaves from getting in the gutters making the rainwater you catch cleaner and you’ll also be able to catch more water.

Now you know just what a gutter guard can do for you, give us a call and let us help you make the right decision for your home.