gutter protectionWe are often asked at The Leaf Man Australia whether gutter guard is essential. We have built a business around gutter guard and gutter protection – so we can’t imagine a roof without it. The benefits of gutter guard are much like that of anti-ageing cream for skin ageing. It’s all about gutter protection and long term benefits.

These benefits include prolonging the life of your gutters and keeping clean gutters.

Clogged and dirty gutters lead to rust and deterioration and can create major problems for your roof and home.

Clean gutters that are protected with The Leaf Man Gutter Guard will prevent:

  1. Overflowing gutters that leak water onto paths
  2. Rotting roof timbers which can lead to leaks through your ceiling
  3. Dirty tank water
  4. Burning embers in the case of Bush fire igniting with collected gutter debris
  1. Gutters clogged with leaves & debris stay wet for exceptionally long periods. This moisture severely degrades the protective finish of the guttering and begins the corrosion of your gutters.
  2. Not visible from the outside of your home – what is also happening is that the overflow of water that cannot flow through the clogged guttering doesn’t just fall onto the ground. It flows back into your roof cavity. Too often the damage of rotting timber isn’t noted until it’s too late.

But just like with skin, new gutter is much easier to look after and keep working and looking good!

Contact our office at The Leaf Man Australia and one of our trained consultants can evaluate your gutters and provide you with a free quote on providing your home with the best gutter protection available.