the best gutter guards

The Best Gutter Guards

Have you ever woken up one morning to a sickeningly foul smell and couldn’t find the source of it? There’s a good chance it’s coming from your roof, particularly in your gutter. That’s where dead critters, dried leaves and twigs, animal droppings, and fungi often end up rotting. You can avoid the nasty job of cleaning up your gutters by hiring a professional gutter cleaner to remove all debris and install one of the best gutter guards in the market. You’re thankful for him, of course, for a well-done job, but you’re also very curious to know how the best among ’em is chosen.

#1: The best gutter guards do their jobs well.

First, it’s important that the product can be trusted to do its job, which is to keep out the debris from the gutter and allow rainwater to flow freely down the pipes and into the drainage system. In this case, the product’s functionality and effectiveness take precedence over its retail price or the service charges. If you haven’t seen a single leaf yet or a stray mouse hiding in your gutter, then your gutter guard has been doing its job well.

#2: The best gutter guards keep you safe and happy.

Countless accidents involving ladders and dirty gutters take place every year. You’ve likely extended your lifetime for a couple more years when you have those leaf screens installed. You don’t have to climb up your roof to clean those gutters and risk breaking your neck over that. And, you don’t have to pay someone else by the hour to clean your gutters because the fallen leaves, dead twigs, and other debris simply slide off your roof when it’s raining.

#3: The best gutter guards protect your home.

Gutter guards, leaf guards or leaf screens exist because they prevent leaks from happening after a clogged downpipe has burst. It’s important that the rainwater flows away from the walls, windows, and foundation of your home. Otherwise, these integral parts of your home weaken over time. Cracks soon appear on your walls as well as on your floors. After some time, the sealant on your windowpanes loosens and allows moisture from the rain and snow.

#4: The best gutter guards look good with roofing and gutter style.

Most homes follow an architectural style or thematic design for their fixtures and furnishings. Flat mesh screens made of aluminium evenly match those roofs with straight edges. Meanwhile, a leaf guard positioned diagonally against the edge of a roof promises to cover all the spaces. Gutters with a rounded and shallow shape need wide mesh screens. Gutters that have a narrow opening, on one hand, require gutter guards that curve over them or flat leaf screens that fit over their tops.

Because gutter guards help keep your home in good condition, they add value to your property and can influence the selling price. In addition, the top of the leaf screens are easy to clean. Just sweep a broom or a special vacuum cleaner over your gutters, and you’re done. When you’re looking for the best gutter guards to retrofit your home, look no further than The Leafman Australia for expert advice on which type of guard to choose.

Article by Heidi Cridland