Why Is It Important To Install Gutter Protection?

Why Is It Important To Install Gutter Protection?


Why Is It Important to Install Gutter Protection? Is the first question people ask when they call The Leaf Man.

While Gutters are a necessary part of every home, Gutter Guards aren’t essential. We beg to differ.

Why is it Important To Install Gutter Protection?

Gutter Protection Saves You Time

Gutter cleaning is not a task that anyone enjoys.  In fact, we try to put it off until the time it becomes unavoidable. Gutter Protection is important to save you from having to clean your gutters too regularly. A successful Gutter Guard system will protect your gutters from 93% of Leaf Litter that hits your roof.

If your gutters are prone to clogging, water retention, pest infestation, and other such problems (and let’s face it, who’s aren’t!?) then you should consider installing Gutter Protection.

Gutter Protection Keeps Your Family Healthy

Gutter Guards stop insects and other rodents nesting in your gutters. Not only does this stop them from possibly damaging your guttering system, it protects your family from the many deadly diseases these pests can carry. Installing gutter guards would not totally eliminate the need for periodic maintenance by you but it is the first step in ensuring you have a clean, fully functioning roof and a healthy family.

Gutter Protection Prevents Damage

Water that overflows from blocked gutters and drains can spill onto the garden below. This destroys your irrigation system and can damage your garden beds. Additionally, badly irrigated water can soak into your soil and go as far as damaging your home’s foundations. Why Is It Important To Install Gutter Protection? Gutter Protection can literally save your home from having to be re-built!

Clogged gutters builds up moisture that won’t even evaporate in full sun! This moisture has the ability to rust your gutters resulting in you needing a completely new guttering system. Gutter guards can help prevent this problem.

Gutter Protection Saves Your Home From Fire

Dry debris such as leaves and twigs become easily ignitable and enhance the threat of a fire. By keeping all dry material away from your roof, gutter guards can prevent a fire from taking your family home.

Why Is It Important to Install Gutter Protection?  In conclusion, the biggest thing that gutter guards give you is peace of mind. You can stay assured that irrespective of the season and surrounding conditions, your gutters will be safe and secure.

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