why should you install gutter guards

Why should you install gutter guards? Well, this protective screen lets dried leaves and twigs slide over the gutters and fall off the roof.

You probably already know this: gutter guards don’t work like deflector shields. They don’t act as magical barriers that ward off anything from dead leaves and twigs to bad karma. Yet, this doesn’t mean gutter guards are completely useless. The main reason for why should you install gutter guards is outright protection for your gutters, to keep them clean, and to make them actually useful in draining that rainwater from your roof. After all, gutters have been a major fixture in multitudes of homes because they’ve always provided a valuable service to homeowners. That valuable service involves collecting water and other debris from your roof and getting rid of them via an efficient drainage system that begins with clean gutters.

To Keep Unwanted Debris Out of Your Gutters

One of the things that gutter guards have been proven to do with efficiency is to filter unwanted debris that would have fallen into an otherwise unprotected gutter. They would have collected there until they’ve formed a pile of decaying detritus that would have smelled like something died on your roof. Plus, that pile would have made it difficult for rainwater to flow smoothly through your gutters so it reaches the drain pipes and goes down the drainage.

This kind of filtering, however, works more effectively with mid-sized objects, such as dried leaves and twigs, small rocks, clumps of dried grass, and the solid parts of overripe or rotting fruit that’s fallen from a nearby fruit tree or dropped by a scavenging animal. Different types of mesh screens will greatly vary in the size of the holes and how durable the material is in actuality. It’s very likely that a rat would gnaw through a plastic or nylon screen just to get to the mushy leftovers of an overripe fruit that passed through the fine mesh and settled inside the gutter. This is also a huge reason why you should install gutter guards made from fortified steel.

To Protect Your Home from Wet Rot, Moisture Seepage, and Other Problems

When you know your gutters and pipes won’t ever leak or drip, there’s no reason for you to feel stressed or worried over possible structural damages to your home’s foundation, floors, walls, and the timbers used to build the framework of your house as well as the roof’s trusses and supports. And, you won’t be struggling to find the funds to pay for repairs and replacements for rotting timbers and crumbling concrete.

Water seepage becomes a major problem for homeowners when too much of it has been absorbed into the porous concrete blocks used for the foundation, walls, and floors. The hardened concrete slowly softens and crumbles, and puts the very basic structure of your home in jeopardy. Apart from the seepage, water tends to flow down to the lowest levels and form small pools on the basement floor. The floor is most likely made of concrete, which absorbs moisture so much and too fast.

To Minimise Your Household Expenses, Energy Bills, and Home Maintenance Costs

Your house needs its gutters and downspouts like you need your vitamins and minerals. Since that’s how essential these fixtures are to your home, and hence, to your personal well-being, you’re simply making sure you’ve got all bases covered when you have steel screens installed over your gutters after you’ve had them and the pipes cleaned professionally.

That one-time expense on a gutter guards purchase and installation pays off handsomely in the end when you realise you’ve been spending less on gutter cleaning, replacements, and roof repairs. Because the guards kept your gutters clean, this also led to cleaner and debris-free drain pipes that rarely burst a joint now. The screens shielded your gutters from collecting inflammable materials, such as dry grass and leaves, that present a fire hazard to you and your family during bush fire season.

The alternative to spending hard-earned cash on gutter guards is for you to clean your open gutters more than once a month before so much debris could gather and reach almost a hundred pounds. This can be too much for your poor gutters to bear and causes their rusty screws and nails to loosen. At the same time, paying for gutter cleaning, repairs, and gutter replacements can be a heavy burden for those who kept a tight leash on their home maintenance expenditures.

Many people take advantage of their clean gutters by harvesting rainwater in steel drums and water tanks. They use rain to water their garden plants or keep their lawn grass looking healthy and green even in summer. Rainwater is also clean enough for laundry use and for washing your car. As you may already know, energy costs are higher for people or businesses that consume so much water to maintain their landscaped lawn or botanical garden. Using rainwater for watering plants and turf greatly reduces their energy bills.

Financially speaking, gutter guards contribute not only to minimising energy and water consumption, but also adds to the market value of a home. Considering the amount you’ve invested in these additional fixtures to your roof and gutters, the added value is probably of considerable gain to you when it’s time to sell your home.

The reasons cited in this post aren’t the only answers to the question “Why Should You Install Gutter Guards?” There are a million other reasons for somebody to make this investment and install gutter guards beneath the roof’s edge. If you’re still trying to decide whether your gutters need protection or not, then make a call to The Leaf Man Australia for a quick consultation with one of our guttering and gutter guard experts.

Article by Heidi Cridland