Leaves do not belong to the roof and especially not in the gutter of your home. The presence of leaves in the gutter may not sound so serious, but knowing the damage they can do to your home when they accumulate is something no one should ignore. This is why having working leaf guards is essential.

Working leaf guards

During the peak of autumn season, particularly in bushy areas of Australia, it is almost certain that home owners start to feel the anxiety of having to climb up the roof and get rid of the accumulated leaves again and again. This is not the most exciting fall season-inspired activity but without any help, this becomes  a must for everybody.

The solution is not so complicated. The use of working leaf guards is highly recommended for homeowners who are no longer young enough to ascend a ladder and climb up the roof.  This is also suggested for home owners who dread the idea of being on top of the roof.  Most importantly, this is advised for home owners whose ultimate goal is to keep their homes and families protected. How so? Check the list below:

The use of  working leaf guards eradicates the possibility of dealing with clogged gutter

Any form of gutter guards – be it a mesh or a leaf guard, allows the continuous flow of water from the roof gutter to the roof leader going to the catch basin, and lastly, the sewer system.  When leaves accumulate in areas where they should not be, water tends to become stagnant.  This could then lead to more serious problems.  Stagnant water is likely to become a habitat for insects and other unwanted pests that could pose serious health problems to the family members. Pests could also damage the home itself.  Ceiling boards and electrical wiring are among the top choices of pests to destroy.  Gutters which are always wet and filled with twigs and rotten leaves could also be a potential breeding area for bacteria-carrying molds and mildew.

The use of working leaf guards alleviates the possibilities of house fires due to flying embers

If you been in several areas in Australia, you know for sure that bush fires have become a common sight during the dry summer period.  If you happen to live in a nearby bush-fire prone area, then it is better to equip your home with the best protection against embers. Have your leaf guard or gutter mesh installed right away to make sure that you do not encounter bigger problems in the future. Remember that the stack of dry leaves in your gutters is perfect fire conductors and is highly flammable.  Reduce the risks of experiencing a house fire and have your gutters protected immediately.