gutter protectionIt’s important to have a gutter protection plan in action for Autumn.

As the cooler months approach we enter what we call our peak gutter season.

Leaves start to shed from trees and winds pick up and fly debris onto your roof and into your gutters.

Put simply – gutters without The Leaf Man Gutter Guard will become blocked.

So what does this mean for your gutters and why do you need gutter protection?

When gutters are installed on a new home or when you have old gutter replaced at your existing home they generally do not come with gutter guard installed. This leaves you gutter exposed to early ageing and deterioration. Gutters can also become blocked and clogged after just one storm!

Clogged and dirty gutters lead to rust and deterioration and can create major problems for your roof and home.

Gutters clogged with leaves & debris stay wet for exceptionally long periods. This moisture severely degrades the protective finish of the guttering and begins the corrosion of your gutters.

Not visible from the outside of your home – what is also happening is that the overflow of water that cannot flow through the clogged guttering doesn’t just fall onto the ground. It flows back into your roof cavity. Too often the damage of rotting timber isn’t noted until it’s too late.

Clean gutters that are protected with The Leaf Man Gutter Guard will prevent:

1.    Overflowing gutters that leak water onto paths

2.    Rotting roof timbers which can lead to leaks through your ceiling

3.    Dirty tank water

4.    Burning embers in the case of Bush fire igniting with collected gutter debris

Quick Autumn Gutter Protection Action Plan

Check your invoice if you have recently had gutter guard installed to insure it is steel gutter guard and not plastic which can burn, warp and deteriorate

  1. Have a chat with your neighbours to ensure that they will be caring for their winter garden
  2. Cut back loose branches form trees and regularly rake dry leaves form your gardens. Loose leaves fly and can make it to your roof
  3. Contact The Leaf Man for a complimentary gutter guard quote – for the ultimate gutter guard protection

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