Zincalume Steel Gutters

Zincalume Steel Gutters

Zincalume steel and Colorbond steel are popular roof and gutter material choices. Both products look fantastic, but what many people don’t know is Zincalume steel and Colorbond steel are easy to maintain and if maintained properly, will last you a lifetime.

Next time you climb up onto the roof to clean your gutter guards, make sure your Zinncalume steel gutters are clean also with these handy tips.


Note: Zincalume steel that is regularly washed by rainwater needs little to no maintenance. However, to expand its life, wash it down with a hose one every 4-6 months.

Areas of your Zincalume steel roof that are not regularly hit by rainwater (e.g. eaves and garage doors) need to be hosed down more regularly. If you live in a coastal area, you will need to hose down your Zincalume steel even more regularly again as salt can erode the material.

If you are finding that after a good hose-down your Zincalume steel gutters aren’t getting much cleaner they might need a good wipe down with a sponge?

When climbing up to the roof to clean your Zincalume steel gutters make sure you are dressed in appropriate safety clothes and have taken appropriate safety meaures (gloves, boots, ladder on a sturdy base etc).


Cleaning your Zincalume steel gutters


  • Wash the surface with a mild solution of pure soap or non-abrasive kitchen detergent mixed with warm water.
  • Apply the solution with a sponge, soft cloth or soft bristle nylong brush and be careful not to rub too hard as you may wear away the paint orscratch the Zincalume steel.
  • Thoroughly rinse the Zincalume steel with clean water immediately. Make sure all traces of soap is washed off as this can erode the steel.

This job should only have to be done once every 1-2 year’s (depending where you live). It’s not a difficult task to do but if done appropriately your Zincalume steel gutters will promise you a lifetime of low0maintenance service.

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